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Lecture on “Learning Architecture through Movies”

Architect Shri.R. Vijendranath presented slides of stunning buildings featured in the movies in sequences and narrated how the built-form complimented the storyline by highlighting the most obvious features that a human mind captures without much effort. Additionally he elaborated the features of the building giving an technical outlook to the slides under deliberation.
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A session on Personality Development on 14th March 2015

In this line of events, a one day training programme was conducted on ‘Personality Development’ by renowned Psychologist Shri. Muthiah Ramanathan on 14th March 2015. The traning exposed the students to proven scientific techniques of excelling in given taks. The programme introduced the means of achieving behavioural changes and also reinforced the value system and ethics in the young minds.
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Architectural Model making workshop

The event started with an introductory lecture on Architectural Model making. Students went through training on understand about different kind of Architectural model making materials, tools and Techniques. Cutting methods, scoring techniques, pasting methods, scaling, interior - models and base work and Making the models with beautiful landscape.
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Lecture on “Raj Rewal’s Architecture”

Architect A. S. Aravindh elaborately dealt with the aspects of Traditional values in Indian architecture deployed by Raj Rewal in his works. The speaker further highlighted the architectural vocabulary and the treatment of structure as an aesthetic element seen from Rewal’s architecture.
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