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Lecture on “Confluence in Conflict” by Shri. Sridhar Lakshmanan

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The 18th lecture of the Lecture series was held on the 3rd of June 2016. The lecture series was conceived along with the inception of CAAD in 2014 to elucidate the various disciplines that architects can venture at the specialization level after architecture. Concurrently experts also provide a practice oriented insight to the ongoing academic projects which adds additional impetus and vigor as an inherent part of the teaching methods at CAAD. The lecture titled “Confluence in Conflict” by Mr. Sridhar Lakshmanan was aligned with the rural studies the second year students assayed as a part of their fourth semester architectural design.

Mr. Sridhar is an alumnus of IIM Ahmadabad and also holds the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh award to his credit.Mr. Sridhar Lakshmanan has previously worked with United Nations Development Programme, Mahindra Satyam and Philips amongst others. He has extensively with remote communities in Malaiyur between Madurai and Dindugal and has undertaken programmes on distribution energy efficient stoves and LED lights to tribal communities in Javadhu hills as a part of his community development initiatives.

The Director of CAAD, Prof. Vinodh Vijayakumar thanked the Chairman of CAAD, Smt. V. R. Roopa Rajendran for the sustained support towards the conduct of the CAAD lecture series and formally welcomed him to address the gathering on the topic of lecture. He commended Mr.Sridhar for his works with rural communities for its originality, economy generation, revival of arts, traditional practices and skills enhancement. Mr.Vinodh highlighted that the speaker was able to strike a relationship with the natives beyond business and ensure mutual respect and collective growth through his projects.

Mr.Sridhar revisited some of the natural human traits with the purpose to understand the rural communities and also extended how the understanding also helps in the current day challenges in management studies. The importance of context of a project was highlighted and the means of driving user groups towards a common goal were shared quotation of series of exercises that the speaker undertook in remote localities. Some of the basic questions of anthropology was revisited and clarity was given to how the built environment rightly responded to the way of life of people at different localities and their social practices prevalent during those times. Mr.Sridhar concluded the lecture by referring to a few revolutionary philosophical quotations and drew the attention of the students to the importance of discipline and values in leading a rewarding life.

The co-ordinator of the CAAD Lecture Series, Mr. Karthiban moderated the question answer session and invited the student co-coordinators to give the vote of thanks. The event concluded ceremoniously with high tea.


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