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Monthly Public Lecture on “Role of ‘Expression’ in Design”

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On March 3, 2018, CAAD- Chennai Academy of Architecture and Design hosted their 31st  CAAD Lecture titled “Role of Expression in Design” by Ar. G. Jyothiram, Architectural Consultant with C.R Narayan Rao Architects. The architect expressed concern about design students’ increasing disconnect with sketching as a medium of quick and reliable communication. The lecture compared various design sketches of eminent architects and the speaker, comparing them to their built projects and evaluating the relationship between expressed design intent and built form. The lecture was presided over by CAAD Chairman Prof. DR. V.R. Rajendran, along with CAAD Director Prof. Vinodh Vijayakumar and CAAD Principal Prof. M C Ramesh Kumar.


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