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Lecture on A Critical Dialogue on “Sustainable Design – Learning from Nature” by Prof. Dr. M. Elango

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It has been a great privilege for CAAD- Chennai Academy of Architecture and Design to invite Prof. Dr. M. Elango, Associate Professor, School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Chennai  to deliver the 44th lecture on ‘A Critical Dialogue on Sustainable Design – Learning from Nature’ on 30th July, 2019. His lecture cultivated an increased interest in the field of biomimicry and sustainable design. Students enthusiastically followed up the lecture with questions diverging into various aspects of sustainability. We believe that this lecture provided the much-needed catalyst for students to infuse their building design with a socially conscious program. As architects of the modern world, it has become our responsibility to deliver a built environment that is conscious of the limited resources in hand and produce the best outcome of it.

The event was presided over by Dr. Andappan, Senior Cardiothoracic Surgeon and CAAD Mentor for medical architecture program, CAAD Chairman Prof. DR. V.R. Rajendran, CAAD Managing Trustee Smt. V.R Roopa Rajendran and CAAD Director Prof. Vinodh Vijayakumar.



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