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Lecture on “Learning Architecture through Movies”

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Chennai Academy of Architecture and Design (CAAD), is a stand alone Architecture Institution near Periyapalayam Amman Temple offering B.Arch degree.

A series of workshops are conducted at CAAD for experiential learning where eminent speakers and professionals in the field of architecture are invited to address the students constantly bridging the gap between the architecture education and the field expectations of the profession.

In this line of events the renowned Architect Shri.R. Vijendranath delivered a lecutre titled “Learning Architecture through Movies” on 25th April 2015 at the Rajamannaraiah Hall at CAAD premises in the honourable presence of Prof. Dr. V. R. Rajendran, Vice Chancellor, Vinayaka Missions. Prof. Vinodh Vijayakumar, Director – Chennai Academy of Architecture and Design outlined the lecture and formally invited the speaker to address the students.

Architect Shri.R. Vijendranath presented slides of stunning buildings featured in the movies in sequences and narrated how the built-form complimented the storyline by highlighting the most obvious features that a human mind captures without much effort. Additionally he elaborated the features of the building giving an technical outlook to the slides under deliberation. The pictures despite being in a no particularly orchestrated order, narrate the various sources of learning possible at any point of time, if we observe carefully. Mr.Vijay quoted ‘just like Arjuna saw only the eye of the bird amidst a lush green jungle, an junior level Architecture student needs to equip themself to the art of learning Architecture from everything that they already like – in this case Movies’.

The topics that covered under the lecture was respecting a site’s surroundings before starting to design something on the site – Natural and Man-made – which includes Geo morphological natural features, slope, topography, vegetation, rainfall, hydrology, Geology, land use, etc.

The talk came to a closure with a very interactive session between the students, faculty members of CAAD and the speaker inquiring in depth about the lecture.Architect Shri.R Vijendranath further shared his professional as well as personal experiences working with varios projects on what makes him a true master in the profession. A huge gathering of students aspiring to join B.Arch attended the lecture along with students and faculty members of CAAD.

Mr. H. Karthiban Co-ordinator of lecture series presented the vote of thanks and educative session concluded with lunch for all participants.


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