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Inauguration of CAAD lecture series – Architect, His Roles and Responsibilities

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The commencement function of (CAAD) Lecture series and first lecture on “Architect, His Role and Responsibilities” (L14001) was conducted successfully on the 26th of September 2014.

The lecture series had a grand beginning by a welcome adress by the Director of the institution Prof. Vinodh Vijayakumar.

The commencement function of the CAAD Lecture Series was conducted at the Rajamannaraiah Hall at CAAD premises in the honourable presence of Prof. Dr. V. R. Rajendran, Vice Chancellor, Vinayaka Missions. Senior practitioner and educationist in the field of architecture, Prof. Krishnan Rajagopalan inaugurated the lecture series and deliverd the first lecture to the staff and student fraternity at CAAD.

He shared his professional experience with the students of CAAD, motivating further inquiry on the topic of architecture education. Prof. Rajagopalan claried the definition of Architecture, the roles and responsibilities of an architect, the scope of the course and commended Chennai Academy for its initiative to provide quality education and excellent facilities for the students.

The function concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr.H. Karthiban, the co-ordinator of the Lecture series. Chief Administrative Officer Mr.Venkatesan, Chief Finance Officer Mr. Vijayendran and Admin Manager Mr.Murugan were also present along with the faculty members and students during the event.

The event was well covered in the media.The overall ambiance was grand and ceremonious and the event is a huge success.



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